We are committed to developing the Animation, VFX and Gaming industry in India

ABAI is a Non profit organisation.

Policy Development.

Karnataka is the first ever state to have an AVGC policy in India.
ABAI helps the Government of Karnataka in major policy formation and decisions.

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Centre of Excellence

The Centre of Excellence will provide State of the art facilities that will give the AVGC industry in Bengaluru and Karnataka a holistic technological boost.

It will house a highly equipped AVGC post production lab providing the industry with resources to generate high quality content. The CoE will also have a finishing school that will train & provide highly skilled technicians to the companies in Karnataka, thus facilitating employment opportunities.


ABAI hosts some of the highly appreciated events in the AVGC industry. Each of our events have a specific target audience and act as a networking platform and connector of various ecosystem for a mutually beneficial outcome for all the parties involved

Digital Art Symposium

Enabling and educating Fine Art Colleges in Karnataka with the digital technology trends

 prevalent in the industry and help them in skill advancement.


27+ Centers

7 colleges have completed while 20 colleges are currently undergoing the DAC Program. The goal is to onboard 15 mofre colleges next year.

Digital Art Symposium

Only by invite is attended by over 800 artists from fine art colleges across Karnataka who are a part of our Digital Art Center project & other who are not but can potentially benefit from it.

Mentor 360

Mentor 360 is a Studio - Students Bridging Program which will help the students be in touch with the good fully functional studios, keep in touch with latest technology, do live projects, attend workshops as well as get career guidance