We aim at making Karnataka a world class hub for AVGC sector by 2025!

As a measure to achieve we have initiated development of enabling infrastructure which will transform the capacity and capability of AVGC industry based in the state to compete in the global arena.

The Centre of Excellence will provide State of the art facilities that will give the AVGC industry in Bengaluru and Karnataka a holistic technological boost.


It will house a highly equipped AVGC post production lab providing the industry with resources to generate high quality content. The CoE will also have a finishing school that will train & provide highly skilled technicians to the companies in Karnataka, thus facilitating employment opportunities.


Having Post Production Lab and Finishing School at a single location will have unique advantage as the Graduates of Finishing School will eventually flows to the IP Creation, Innovation, R&D and Incubation centre. This co-location will help in building the ecosystem and 

creation of Centre of Excellence in AVGC in real sense.

  • The AVGC Post production Lab will help industry from the hurdles faced by the small and medium studios and freelance artists and the AVGC Finishing School shall ensure regular supply of highly skilled manpower. This is as a shared infra structure as per the latest requirements of the Industry meeting all international standards. Some of the mail highlights are the Incubation Centre, Body Scanning Studio, Facial Capture Studio, Motion Capture Studio, Performance Capture., AR VR shooting Floor, Green Screen Shooting Floor, Film Scanner Studio with Restoration and Editing Rooms, DI coloring Studio, Render Farm and much more.